Back to School


Back-to-school campaigns often focus on offers, promos and discounts – ASUS wanted to cut through the noise and instead help students navigate significant life changes.

To bring this idea to reality, we devised a campaign comprising three activations, all linked together: UGC video ads, a bespoke landing page and a TikTok creator campaign.

New beginnings can be intimidating, so we asked content creators to give their tips and help young people find their footing as they navigate adulthood. Their advice became a key part of the campaign.


Our hero piece for this campaign was a UGC-style video ad, shot and edited to feel native to TikTok. All participants were asked to share useful tips, accompanied by a laptop from the wide ASUS range – highlighting how indispensable ASUS laptops are no matter your lifestyle.

Cast members included creators Ameziane, Ben’s Vegan Kitchen and Mary Grace Olu, whose channel focuses on academic tips.

The ad was designed to drive traffic to the bespoke landing page. Once there, visitors could access an interactive “gumball machine” dispensing bite-sized, shareable advice. The page also featured more information about ASUS laptops and encouraged viewers to participate in a competition to win one.

To ensure the campaign goes even further, we worked with TikTok content creators to give us their own take on helpful advice. We ended up partnering up with some of the UK’s most followed TikTokers, including Kyle Thomas, Ameziane and Ayame.

As always, we gave our creators plenty of creative freedom, letting them choose subjects that resonated with them the most – and their audience would want to hear about.

The creator campaign received over 7,000,000 views, 159% ahead of view KPIs – and with a CPV 63% lower than benchmarked.

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