Fae Farm




Phoenix Labs

The Background

Phoenix Labs approached us to help spread the word about Fae Farm, a stunning life sim/RPG launching in September 2023. We were thrilled to design a campaign with Phoenix Labs, making sure it’s just as magical as the enchanting world of Azoria.

Phoenix Labs were looking for a campaign consisting of multiple creator activations, with different approaches combined to create one cohesive project, making Fae Farm unmissable at launch.

The Activation

After really delving into what makes Fae Farm special, we chose to focus on highlighting its deep gameplay that stands out among other titles in the genre. We made sure our campaign strategy didn’t just focus on its adorable visuals and farm-sim gameplay, but showcased the game as a whole.

Our two key themes for this campaign were depth and variety. We reflected that through the creators we collaborated with – from cosy streamers, to artists and RPG gamers, we handpicked creators we knew would find something to love about Fae Farm.

The hero piece of the campaign was designed to really encapsulate the themes of the game. We approached Anna_Chess and CallMeKevin to play Fae Farm together. Anna’s thoughtful, calm approach to decorating and farming matched perfectly with Kevin’s chaotic, dynamic and adventure-seeking playstyle to make for a fantastic showcase of what Fae Farm can offer – and how two totally different players can come together to play. They enjoyed it so much that Kevin delivered a video that was over an hour and twenty minutes long!Across Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube, we saw 2,400,000 views – and multiple creators heading back to the world of Azoria once the campaign was over!

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After wanting to work with the team at YRS TRULY for a number of years, I was delighted to partner with them for Fae Farm's launch campaign in the UK. Truly a perfect fit, and couldn't have been happier with the results.

Accessible, communicative, and eager to understand the product and the project, what impressed me most was their depth of knowledge and appreciation for authenticity as opposed to empty numbers.

The team is an utter joy to work with, unafraid to give feedback and guidance, and steeped in valuable experience that shows in the relationships that they have fostered with creators as well as clients. Would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Matt Gardner

EU Influencer & Community Lead at Phoenix Labs