Lords of the Fallen

The Background

Lords of the Fallen is not an easy game. In the harsh world of Mournstead, you’ll have to master combat to survive, and try again and again and again to succeed against harsh enemies.

Our task was to distil Lords of the Fallen to sixty seconds or less, making it unmissable on TikTok during launch week. We went after hardcore players, enticing them with the compelling story, stunning visuals and the challenge of mastering Mournstead.

The Activation

To really convey the mood of the game, we partnered up with 44 TikTok creators, who delivered videos spanning an incredible variety of genres across TikTok. We wanted to reach players where they spend time: not just watching gaming content, but also engaging with comedy, art and cosplay. This strategy helped us ensure that Lords of the Fallen was absolutely everywhere on TikTok. 

We worked closely with the team at CI Games to really nail the individual elements that make Lords of the Fallen so compelling, and paired them with the right creators. We gave TikTokers the freedom to tailor their content to best suit their audience – after all, they know them best! 

The campaign received 5,400,000 views across 62 content pieces: a 93% increase over our benchmark. Audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive: the genuine creator excitement translated into a high engagement rate of 4.27%, which exceeded the benchmark! 

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