Kamigawa: A Visual Novel

The Background

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty was the first time Magic: The Gathering ventured into the future. Thousands of years after the original Kamigawa set, Neon Dynasty took players to a neon, techno sci-fi world. In Kamigawa, magic meets technology – but the outcome is nothing like what you’d expect.

With the unique setting, we wanted to ensure Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty gets the love and attention it truly deserves. So, we devised a plan...

The Activation

We were gripped by the lore of Kamigawa and wanted to find a way to bring its world closer to fans and newcomers alike. So, together with Wizards of the Coast, we created a visual novel based on Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and its fantastic-futuristic world.

Working with a team of 12 game designers, writers, illustrators, designers and developers, we designed and delivered the game in three months. The story takes place in three acts, with choices that affect the outcome – and side quests featuring musicians and content creators.

We collaborated with indie pop band Kero Kero Bonito for a music-themed side quest, while streamers Sweet Anita and Shurjoka represented Kamigawa’s Moonfolks. TheAsianAvenger and ChocolateKieran teamed up for a side-quest in a retrofuturistic gaming arcade.Kamigawa: A Visual Novel released on Itch and Steam, with coverage in PC Gamer, Comicbook, Eurogamer, Crunchyroll – and more. It surpassed all expectations, with impressions 92.1% ahead of benchmark and downloads 9.65% ahead of benchmark. Kamigawa: A Visual Novel won Best Use of Interactive Content at Content Marketing Awards 2023.

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