Park Beyond




Bandai Namco

The Background

For the launch of Bandai Namco’s reality-bending theme park sim, we teamed up with creators across YouTube and Twitch and encouraged them to get creative in the world of Park Beyond.

The game lets you ignore the laws of gravity if you wish to, so we made sure that creators get to experience absolutely everything Park Beyond has to offer. Some players love to create safe and beautiful theme parks – and some prefer rides with a slightly higher… mortality rate.

The Activation

To show off these different playstyles, we invited TheSpiffingBrit, Anna_Chess, RTGame and cakejumper to give Park Beyond a go. As all four are friends, we asked them to stream together – which led to some really authentic, delighted reactions.Each creator designed their park live with their audience, and then jumped on a Discord call together to showcase and judge – laying the groundwork nicely for the game’s upcoming UGC content platform.

In addition to stream VODs making their way onto YouTube, we worked with strategy and simulation creators on the platform, leading to some fantastic videos from channels like Real Civil Engineer or Biffa Plays.The campaign generated over 2,000,000 views and 4,200,000 impressions overall, with many YouTube videos continuing to bring in views months after launch.

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